Advocare A Scam? An Honest, Unbiased Advocare Review

An Advocare scam? First, I want to tell you how impressed I am that you found this article. It is very wise to do your research before you jump into any business decision. No matter what entrepreneur you talked to, they will tell you that they do not just make important choices regarding business on a whim. Simply finding this Advocare review shows me that you are a smart person. As you read on in this review you’ll learn about some of the Advocare products as well as many other important key factors of the Advocare business.

Advocare was started in 1993 by Charles E. Ragus. Advocare International came up with it’s name by how much does it cost to become an advocare distributor combining their intent to be an “advocate” of good nutrition and to “care” for their distributors You obviously say that there is no Advocare scam, simply because the company has been around since 1993. The Advocare complaints will keep coming and coming as long as there are people who try the business and fail. Please people feel humiliated and try to bring down the company. However, it is neither the company nor the failed distributors fault. The company’s responsibility is to market their overall opportunity and the distributor has taught no marketing skills at all. We will touch on this later in the article.

Let’s get into the Advocare products a bit. The Advocare Spark energy drink seems to be the company’s most popular product. The company has a wide variety of products and is much to be found about Advocare diet, Advocare weight loss, and Advocare supplements products. They have five main categories of products which they call Trim, Active, Well, Performance Elite, and Definite Difference.

Now let’s look at the Advocare compensation plan. Advocare employs a stairstep breakaway pay plan. If you’ve never heard of the breakaway compensation plan, let me help. You obviously start growing your team and when you have a team member that gets to a certain rank they “break away”. When the break away occurs, you even are paid a smaller commission on the volume of their team. Many people have done well with this type of pay plan, but most find it confusing and hard to maintain a strong check.

Another review, we will look at the Advocare training and support program. As far as a solid game plan goes, they are definitely lacking it. Not a good one at least. I mean, yeah there will be webinars you can get on, along with teleconferences, but that is as far as it will go. What will this training cover? What will they teach you? Sadly, the ancient and outdated war market techniques will be taught. These techniques do have their place in our business, however, they are very small part. So, in order to make any real money in this industry you must learn how to market your business. That’s right, the word market, that just happens to be in the title of our industry’s name.

By: Nick Vieth

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Now, obviously there is no Advocare scam. That’s great, however, he still must have a plan and a system to succeed. You have to learn some key skills and techniques to be true success in this industry. These skills can be learned risk-free at the best site for Advocare training.

How to Lose Weight – A 30 day Exercise and Weight Loss Challenge

Day One

Welcome and Hello, Are You Ready To Lose Weight?

Thank you for giving the 30 day weight loss challenge a try. We will be attempting to lose as much weight as we can by properly eating, exercising, and proper self respect. The ultimate goal of this challenge is to get to know yourself better and not to quit. There may be days that you will want to quit, but feal free to message me and I will talk to you. We will be learning about proper eating techniques and how to exercise to lose weight. Studying affirmations daily will help to keep a positive outlook on any situation.

As will all exercise routines: Please ask your doctor before attempting to start any exercise routine or diet. Due to medications, dieting can lead to complications.

This Article will be part advocare 24 day challenge photos of a 30 day challenge.I will be posting the full 30 links on the bottom of page as soon a sthey are finished. Two snacks ideas will be provided along with shakes and vegetables recipees. A big part of losing weight will be portion size. Knowing the size of the food and understanding that portions will help you lose weight will be the biggest issue.


Day One

Today will be the hardest of all days. We will be taking a look at what you eat on average and how you can cut down. Also we will be talking about starting an exercise routine and how to stick to it.

Task one:

Make a list of all of the food you eat in a average week if you have not already. Sorting what you eat for each meal and snack will make it easier in the future.

Task Two

We will figure out how you exercise and the program we will do from there. Not every one can run a mile and do 30 sit ups in under a minute. We are concentrating on you today. We need you know how many sit up, push ups and how you can do a 12 inch step up routine. You may be wondering why these test are relevent. You need to have a building block to garner progress and not lose faith.

Task three.

Figuring what type of food you have in the house, will help to understand what you have to work with when you make a menu. Sticking to a low fat and medium amount of carbs, will allow you to lose weight but also have energy to exercise.

Now that I have your attention we need to understand if you want to start today. If so we will be starting off on a slow exercise routines. Day one will be to kick start out heart and start to feel the burn.

Day 1 Exercise Routine:

If you are exercising in your house, I am looking for a bed or a step for you to do 2 minutes of steps on. You will need to get both feet resting on a step or bed before you stepping down. When using stairs, go up the stairs without missing a step. While doing this exercise tell your self”In 30 days I will have lost my goal weight”. After the two minutes are up, you will do the routine that you chose not to do before,ether wall push ups or crunches.

If you choose to do wall push ups try an angle that helps support your back, Push up like a regular push up and release while resting your chest on the wall. Do ten rep(how many you do) then stop. Crunches are down by lifting your back off the floor by three inches then holding for 2 seconds then back down.

When starting out on your new exercise routines one needs to understand by pushing your body to the max, you may not lose maximum weight. Dont get a head of your self by doing more than asked. You may wake up the next morning and not want to get out of bed, due to your muscles healing.

I will ask you to continue with the routine I posted on top for the rest of the day. Every hour I will need two minutes of steps and ten reps of either wall push ups or crunches.

Your daily exercise routines will increase with difficulty . We will strive to not make it to difficult, but also allow you to do every routine inside your own room.


Breakfast: 2 eggs whites only scrambled with one slice of english muffin and crystal light.

Snack one: Apple or fruit bar

Lunch : Pre made salad with chicken cut up for it. Mix in couple crutons and vinaigrette.

Snack two. Handful of almonds or nuts.

Supper: Tuna fish on wheat bread, carrots with teaspoon of ranch and crystal light.

Try not to eat anything else but this. The menu has fruit , veg’s, proteins, and carbs. We may look like we are eating all day, but due to the exercise we need to raise the carbs to help produce the energy we need.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day.

” This Is Just Day One. I Will Continue Down A Path Of A New Me. I Will Not Give Up”

Day Two Will Be Posted soon.

The Ideal Cardio Workouts For MMA Fighting

If you’re considering becoming an MMA fighter, or if you would simply want to try a similar forms of workouts that MMA fighters do, you shouldn’t concentrate on lifting and weight training alone. The most notable fighters inside the game also do a great deal of cardio exercises.

If you’re not used to doing cardio, you possibly will not learn how to get going. Below, you’ll find among the best cardio workouts for MMA fighting in the top fight club in Wisconsin.

1. Interval Training Workouts

When individuals spend time and effort training, they eventually hit a plateau. There will be a point in which you can’t make any longer progress.

You can get around this by doing interval training workouts. This is an especially great move to make when you’re doing indoor cardio exercises.

Spend about 5 minutes working at the highest intensity you may. Next, slow things right down to a calming rate for a few minutes. As soon as your heart rate has slowed, kick things back up. You’ll have the ability to break by your plateau and acquire inside a great workout.

2. Kickboxing

If you need a cardio workout that will add you with your MMA training, why not try a variety of cardio which is built around martial arts training? While a kickboxing session won’t teach you how you can fight, it’ll help you hone a few of the skills you’ve already developed.

You’ll can get in a full-body cardio workout and rehearse your kicks and punches concurrently. That’s a win no matter how you look at it.

3. Swimming

If you’re trying to find a low-stress way of getting some cardio, you may want to consider swimming. If you have usage of a pool, this can be an amazing way for you to burn additional fat.

You don’t need to do anything complicated while you’re inside the pool. Swimming a couple of laps should be more than enough. Getting into the pool will relax the muscles. You’ll be able to provide your body an escape while not having to slow. Swimming is great for training fighters.

4. Biking

If you’re already spending lots of time at the gym, you really should try to enter cardio sessions minus the gym. Should you start biking out and about, you’ll be capable of getting in cardio on a regular basis.

If you’re just running to the store across the road, there’s no reason to take your automobile. Grab your bike instead. If you ride your bike, it is possible to workout while you’re going from destination to place.

If you want to train the way Gracie Jiu Jitsu fighters do, you must provide the body with the best workout possible. You can’t just pinpoint the things you normally do you have to make time for cardio at the same time.

Anyone who wishes to get into great shape can have to create the ideal workouts they can. If you’re looking for a method of getting your cardio, supply the workouts above a test.